We're Here for Your Pediatric Patients

We understand your commitment to create a world where children thrive. At Lina, that’s our mission too. Join forces with our devoted team of licensed clinicians who will stop at nothing to provide the highest quality care to your patients for their behavioral needs.

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Faster Access to Care

The research has established that early intervention is critical to positive outcomes for behavioral and developmental conditions. An 18-month waiting list for appointments isn't compatible with the evidence. Partnering with us means that your families can get answers up to 6 times faster than with other providers.

Reimbursement Navigation

Insurance can be a minefield when it comes to behavioral health. We work directly with insurance companies to verify benefits and ensure that there are no surprises for your patients. You can rest assured, knowing they’re in good hands.

Referring to Lina

Once your referral is received, our Care Coordination team will reach out to your patient within 24 hours to schedule their consult.

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