Tailored learning assessments & support services

Expand your school’s special education evaluation and counseling abilities with Lina. Remote learning assessments, treatment, tracking, and more.

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Say goodbye to overload

Lina integrates into your Special Education team to complete evaluations, support services, and track progress so students and staff can thrive
Psychological Evaluations
Comprehensive social, behavioral, and mental evaluations.
Skills-Based Tutoring
Increase fundamental abilities in core academic areas.
Executive Function Coaching
Build cognitive skills, confidence, independence.
Behavioral Therapy & Counseling
Improve mental health and holistic well-being.
Schools are strained by unprecedented demand for special ed services

As more students try to qualify for special services, staff are spread increasingly thin. Failure to quickly process all assessment requests can lead to litigation, burnout, and compromised care.

Effortless and modular support for schools

Lina banishes overload with an all-in-one solution for accurately and efficiency evaluating students, helping them improve, and coordinating their progress with teachers and parents.

  1. Direct integration with your education teams
  2. Certified assessments, efficiently administered
  3. Customized care, management, and reporting
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World-Class Care
Every student us matched with a top-tier clinical psychologist they love.
Immediate Availability
Begin booking appointments within the week.
Unlimited Capacity
Delegate as many cases as needed without slowing down or lowering quality
Seamless Integration
Direct collaboration with education teams lowers case loads while increasing results
100% Compliance
Fully HIPPA and FERPA compliant and designed specifically to IDEA standards
Flexible Pricing
Tiered plans to fit the needs of any school or district
End-to-end support that students, families, and teachers love

Our remote-first system facilitates powerful, seamless, and comprehensive care without the headache or complexity.

Powerful & Convenient Remote Care

Virtual care provides equitable access to top-tier providers from home or school. It facilitates easy scheduling, greater data points, and superior results.

Intuitive Case Management & Reporting

Our digital-first platform makes it quick and easy to view relevant student information, coordinate sessions, and assess progress.